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Q: How does Glocal Connection work?

A: We develop and implement a business plan and supply chain solutions for each community to make them private companies. We support their economic development by bringing organisational skills and industry knowledge and we position products in overseas markets in order to gain market share.

Q: Is Glocal Connection a non-profit?

A: No. Glocal Connection is a private company and the brands we represent are small cap companies from emerging markets.

How does Glocal Connection find its communities?

The process is different for each community; most important is to connect and establish a relationship with the people and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Q: How can we help support the communities?

A: There are three ways you can help. First, you can shop at www.MsGlocalStyle.com. Second, you can become a stylish ambassador; host a party for us and earn a percentage of sales made during the event. Third, help spread our mission by sharing our story and products with your network and friends.

Q: Can we visit the communities and see how they work?

A: Everyone is welcome to come visit and learn about the process behind the product. We organise special groups and exhibitions throughout the year. For more information please contact us at info@glocalconnection.com