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Vicky Cohen

vickybioweb.jpg Vicky comes to Glocal Connection with over 10 years of experience in  production and offshore sourcing in the garment and footwear industries. An Economics graduate of Brooklyn College, she is an accomplished manager with core expertise in guiding production teams from conception through warehousing and distribution under exacting manufacturing standards. She has worked at Warnaco Corporation leading teams successfully while meeting financial goals. VIcky is also a participant in the Sustainable Design Entrepreneursprogram at the Fashion Institute of Technology FIT -- in New York City. To Vicky, the world is a jigsaw puzzle, and connections make it a beautiful picture. Her passion is connecting people and helping them realize their unique contribution to the world. This is the passion that drives Vicky and her vision for Glocal Connection.


Yenifer Lam

bio-web.jpg Yenifer brings over 10 years of experience in global sourcing, finance and product development. A  graduate of International Trade, Economics and Marketing from Saint Peters College, she started her career with the investment firm Dreman Value Management LLC. Her passion for traveling, people, fashion and the arts led her to the fashion industry where she has worked the full gamut of enterprise structures from small start-ups to iconic fashion power houses such as Mudd Jeans and Phillips Van Heusen Corp. To date, Yenifer has spearheaded three launches from concept to delivery, covering over 15 brands that range from mid-tier to the high-end. Her work has taken her across the globe; from the Americas to Africa, and from Asia to the Middle East, developing and managing supply chain solutions for different products and companies. Yenifer is passionate about cultural and human diversity. After years of globe trekking, she is crafting meaningful life stories by solving challenges to empower others.